The content that was on this site and more is now located in a book with the title "Antimatter Explained" by Casey Evans.

Amazon.com, Apple iBooks, and google books all have the book available.

This is a book on low energy antimatter and the discovery of the 5th dimension.

The book attempts to introduce new technologies which give the reader the ability to create, convert, view, and manipulate antimatter.

The relationship of antimatter and matter you won't find elsewhere. The book also explains gravity, and anti-gravity.

This book is based off my research of antimatter from the past few years.

The amazon link is here : Antimatter Explained

The google books link is here : Antimatter Explained

You can download the book in pdf format here if you cannot afford to pay for the book : Antimatter Explained.pdf

If you like the book and choose direct download please pay for the book on amazon when you can.

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